Soo many moves

Who starts a blog three weeks before a house move? Honestly, after a hundred house moves, you think I’d know better. 

This move will make number 32 actually, and the 14th I’ve been fully responsible for (since I moved out of my parents’ home). Once upon a time I used to pack with great pride and care, wrapping each item in old newspaper and washing them all again before I put them in the kitchen cupboards. These days I just want to chuck things into a box and just drive carefully to the new house!

But despite all the packing, mess and disruption that goes on during a move, I’ve still been getting my DIY on! Remember that cabinet I was keen to makeover? 

First, I removed the drawers and door and rubbed them all down with some nail polish remover to make the surface gummy… Thanks painter friend Roman for that tip.

All of my daughters got in on the action with this project. Joanna removed the handles, Beth sprayed the handles with primer, then 2 coats of gold spray paint.

The handles with primer on…. 

Then Jo and I got stuck right in to painting all the timber parts black. I thought I’d give spray painting a go this time, and settled on Rustolem 2X paint and primer in one, in Canyon Black Satin.

The cabinet and drawers after one coat of paint. 

Note to self: wear gloves when spray painting the day after a manicure!

We’ve had a lot of rainy weather in Melbourne these past few weeks, and although it was under cover, my lovely cabinet did get some rain on it between coat 1 and coat 2. Sadly this caused some swelling of the timber in the join at the bottom right corner. So in my haste to get the thing finished and out of the elements before the next rain, Mary and Beth gave it a couple of coats of clear varnish and we left it at that. I’ll probably regret that down the track – I think it needs more coats and it’s a less than perfect job, but it’s done for now and is a whole lot prettier than the old cheapie laminate entertainment unit we had before. What do you think? Did it scrub up alright?

Despite the rushed job in the end, I’m pretty happy with it. Styling will happen next week in the new house… The only decor items on top of this baby right now are packaging tape, boxes and markers!


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