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A week to remember

Last Sunday I started my blog, full of enthusiasm about the blog, the new house, and all of the DIY projects I was going to share. Then, on Monday, this happened.

Yes, I was driving. Yes, I’m alright, and no, I didn’t hit anyone else. Thanks for asking! The car, needless to say, didn’t fare quite so well.

The fact that I came out unharmed just had to be miraculous. I hit the guardrail hard, the airbags deployed and the cabin filled with smoke. I could see nothing while the car seemed to spin and move of its own accord, but I was ok, calm; held by God is what it felt like, until the car crunched a second time into the guardrail, coming to a halt out of the way of the flow of traffic.

A lovely fellow named Wayne ran to assist me, and couldn’t believe I was OK, but I was. While the front of the car had been reduced by half, the inside of the car (apart from the severely cracked windscreen and burst airbags) remained normal – I was neither pinned, bleeding or seriously injured.

Backtracking to February now, I found this scripture while doing my daily reading, and it really spoke to me. I was going through some challenging situations, and the idea of this hard pathways overflowing with abundance really stuck with me. I wrote it up and stuck it on the toilet wall where I could see it all the time.
As a Christian, I always have this sense that God has my back… When things are difficult, He’s got a bigger plan, and the challenge I’m in is just preparing me for what He’s got in store for me. Cynics may scoff at such an idea, but I tell you, it helps me bob up above many trying circumstances. I’m thankful for the faith I have, and the faithful God who looks out for me.

This week, with all the goings on, I’ve felt like I’m at the blessing end of some of His plans. It has been a very hard year. And in fact we’ve had 23 years of believing to one day have our own home. And on Wednesday we got our handover date (October 6th, get excited!), AND we also bought a really beautiful car – something that was totally unexpected, but suddenly necessary due to my accident. This week my “hard pathways” really have been overflowing with abundance, and I’m very grateful.