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Hey, Bert?


Remember these two? One is steady, structured, and likes his routine. The other is playful, fanciful and sometimes just downright annoying. But somehow despite the challenges, they simply work. That’s me and Geoff to a tee. And you guessed it, I’m the fanciful annoying one. Still, we’re a great combo, and have spent almost 23 years counting sheep together.

After renting all this time, in Feb of this year (when I turned 40), we finally signed on the dotted line to build our own home! Fast forward to September, and our new home is almost finished, but I suddenly decided I should get chronicling some of the DIY projects (and other random bits of information) I’ve been cultivating lately. So it begins, another project (Geoff shakes his head and sighs).  I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!